Concealment Flag Instructions

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Thank you for purchasing one of our handmade, solid wood, patriotic concealment flags!

Tools needed for installation:
*3” Long #2 phillips drill  bit   
*Razor knife
*Ball point pen
*An extra set of hands to assist

Once you unpack your flag open square compartment and remove the (2) 3” mounting screws, your magnetic key, and your piece of fully customizable foam.

Mounting your Flag
1.)Locate the wall stud in the area you would like to hang your flag
2.)Locate the mounting holes on the top and bottom of the unit.
3.)Using the #2 phillips head drill bit in your drill take one of the 3” mounting screws and mount the top of the unit to the wall stud first. (DO NOT OVER TIGHTEN). This step is easier achieved with a spare set of hands!
4.)Place your level on top of the unit and manipulate the flag to a level position
5.)While maintaining the level position, screw in the second 3” mounting screw into the bottom of the unit. (DO NOT OVER TIGHTEN).

Customizing the Foam Insert
Now you can start customizing your foam to accept your personal defense weapon, magazine and flashlight.
1.)Lay all of your items(Weapon, Mag & Flashlight) on the foam in the position you desire.
2.)Using your ball point pen,closely trace around them. Place your items aside.
3.) With your razor knife, CAREFULLY  start following the lines you traced. cut straight down and about 1.5inches deep. (You will want all items to be fully encased(level with top of foam) in the foam once you are finished. Take your time. This foam is designed to peel out in layers for easier installation and for a more professional appearance).
4.)Once the holes are finished, place your items in their designated holes to ensure a snug and level fit.
5.) Install foam  into the compartment. Making sure that the square void is in the bottom left hand corner. (this void allows the lock to function)

LAST STEP: To engage the lock, simply press the red switch to green. To open: Glide magnet over the general area of the magnetic locking device until it gravitates to the wood, disengaging the lock.
Your magnet can be stored out of sight on the right hand side of the flag, directly behind the first stripe.

If you have any questions during the installation process, please don't hesitate to email and we will gladly assist you.


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